Men's light gray mid-length thick down jacket


Color: Light Gray

Light Gray
Pink Grey
Apricot Yellow
Dusty Green

Size: S

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1. Outdoor mid-length down jacket with a commuting feel 2. The body is made of matte peach skin film composite fabric. The fabric is made of thin fleece fabric made of ultra-fine synthetic fibers. The surface of the fabric is covered with a layer of particularly short and delicate fluff, and the surface has a tactile feel. Visually similar to peach skin surface; elegant appearance, soft, plump, fluffy and delicate feel, thick and full garments; Teflon three-proof finishing: the fabric adopts special lotus leaf bionic technology, which can effectively resist water, oily stains and most liquids and Drinks can solve embarrassing scenes in daily life; 3. Simple and elegant style design, zipper chest pocket provides safe storage of personal belongings, and the three-dimensional lower pocket of work clothes provides sufficient storage capacity 4. The raglan sleeve version is tolerant to the body shape Higher, adaptable to a wider range of people 5. Filled with 80% velvet inside, with high fluffiness and high warmth retention

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