Unisex milky white short thick down jacket


Color: Cream White

Cream White
Morning Gray
Dusty Green
Light Tan

Size: S

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1. Three-proof outdoor breathable down jacket 2. The fabric is made of small grid mechanism fabric with clear texture and is finished by Teflon three-proof: the fabric adopts special lotus leaf bionic technology, which can effectively resist water, oily stains and most liquids and chemicals in daily life. Drinks can solve embarrassing scenes in daily life; it adheres to the super atomized film, feels crisp, and has a good fit for garments. 3. The appearance design of the work clothes is simple and elegant, and the capacity of the four pockets is enough to hold the items needed for daily life, making it easy to carry. 4. The hat rope design with functional hooks can be used to hang masks, glasses and other items in the current epidemic era. 5. The lining is filled with 80 velvet, which has high fluffiness and high warmth.

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