Women's Sun Protection Cooling Chemical Fiber Jacket


color: Raw white

Raw white
Pale yellow
Bean Paste Green

size: L

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1. Bionic skin, light and thin sunscreen fabric, cool to the skin. It can block more than 95% of ultraviolet rays, sunscreen protection of UPF50+, high sunscreen.
2. The brim of the hat is widened. The face is spliced ​​with mesh fabric, which is breathable and more comprehensive in protection. It is not only a sun protection, but also a casual jacket, ice sleeves, hat, sunshade, and mask.
3. The underarms and the front side of the body are spliced ​​with mesh fabric to dissipate heat, accelerate air circulation, and bring cooling feelings, so that sweat-prone areas are not stuffy. The front piece is divided by arcs, bringing a visual softness.
4. The design of the hem can be retracted and the elastic cord buckle can be loosened, and the way of wearing can be switched freely. The hair hole is hidden in the back of the hat. The high ponytail can be freely placed. The zipper material is smooth and easy to put on and take off. Elasticated cuffs look neat. There is a storage pocket inside the back cap for easy storage.
5. Macarons are low-fidelity and colorful, refreshing for summer.

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