Women's Denim Comfortable Cool Wide Pants


color: Denim blue gray

Shallow blue
Denim blue gray

size: XXL

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1. Classic wide-leg trousers, which cover the flesh and make you look taller and thinner. The trousers modify the figure in an all-round way. The shape is more three-dimensional. The side seams are smooth and cut to the golden section, which visually narrows the leg boundaries and makes the leg lines more prominent and slender.
2. The playful floral buttons with unique design are more exquisite in details.
3. The fabric is made of Senrou denim, a new technology material superimposed with cold crystal acetic acid, which is smooth to the touch, soft to drape, anti-wrinkle and easy to take care of. Excellent moisture absorption and quick-drying performance keep you comfortable and pleasant at all times. Its coolness is mostly needed in summer.

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