Women's deep khaki straight pants


Color: Dark Khaki

Dark Khaki
Denim Blue Gray
Denim Washing Black

Size: 26

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1. Cool straight-leg pants style, high waist with two buttons, unique small V-shaped girdle design, modify the waistline, make you look slimmer and cover the flesh; it is also the best way to modify the leg shape, thick legs/short legs/O-shaped legs , all the flesh and everything is hidden, and the figure is not chosen. The trouser legs are straight and have just the right amount of looseness, making them more suitable for winter wear. 2. The considerate design of the skin-warming velvet lining in the waist is warm to the touch, keeping you warm from the waist to the feet, so you are not afraid of the cold. 3. The foot opening can be shaped as you like. It can be rolled up and worn with short boots, or it can be worn down and worn with sneakers. 4. The texture of winter fabrics has been improved, the warm velvet has been upgraded, and the lining is richer fleece, which is soft, light and warm, and one piece is worth a lot. 5. Multiple color washes are available. In addition to the classic and versatile basic colors, a new trendy "hazelnut latte" color is added.

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