Unisex gray and white short thick down jacket


Color: Ashen

Morning Gray
Pink Grey
Power Blue

Size: S

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1. Super Plant Company IP co-branded popular down 2. The fabric is made of three-proof, dense and soft fabric. Weaved with Japanese microfiber, it is as light and soft as clouds; Teflon three-proof finishing: The fabric adopts special lotus leaf bionic technology, which can effectively resist water, oily stains and most liquids and drinks in daily life, solving embarrassing scenes in daily life ; It is not easy to velvet, high-density weaving + Japanese calendering technology, and no coating process. Compared with ordinary calendered anti-velvet fabrics, it can effectively reduce the feeling of stuffiness when wearing; 3. The inner lining is made of anti-static graphene heat storage lining, which can not only be used in It resists static electricity in dry winters and has the function of far-infrared heat storage and warmth. 4. The interior is filled with high-quality 90 duck down, which is both light and warm. 5. The double-open zipper design provides a variety of wearing methods to meet the needs of various consumers. 6 .Co-branded with the IP of Easy Plant Company. As the name suggests, the clothes feel zero sensation and no pressure when wearing them, making you feel more relaxed.

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