Men's morning gray short thin cotton coat


Color: Morning Gray

Morning Gray
Pink Grey
Dusty Green

Size: S

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Texture Oxford spun ordinary film 1. Three-proof pilot cotton jacket 2. The fabric is made of Oxford textile texture, with clear texture; the reverse side is adhered to a waxy atomized white film, which not only makes the fabric highly shape-retaining, but also enhances the comfort and waxy feel of the fabric; the warp and weft are made of Mechanical elastic yarn gives the fabric a certain comfortable micro-elastic effect, making it more comfortable to wear; Teflon three-proof finishing: the fabric adopts special lotus leaf bionic technology, which can effectively resist water, oily stains and most liquids and beverages in daily life. Solve embarrassing situations in daily life. 3. The lining is made of SORONA antibacterial cotton, which has antibacterial function. In humid environments or humid and cold areas, it can keep the lining cotton dry and hygienic, extending the service life of the garment. 4. The slightly contrasting ribbon decoration details enhance the sophistication and quality of the style. Feeling 5. The loose version is comfortable and natural on the upper body, with moderate thickness, keeping the upper body warm but not bloated, and suitable for a wide range of people

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