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Color: Morning Gray

Morning Gray
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Size: S

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25D soft and dense (water-repellent) 1. High-quality goose down bread jacket 2. The fabric is made of upgraded dense and soft fabric, with a soft skin feel: Japanese superfine fiber weaving, as light and soft as clouds; in addition, the fabric is made of high-density weaving + Japanese calendering technology, which is not easy to be drilled and has no velvet. The coating process, compared with ordinary calendered anti-velvet fabrics, can effectively reduce the feeling of stuffiness when wearing; and the fabric has good water-repellent properties, which can alleviate some of consumers' life troubles and effectively protect them. 3. The main body lining is made of graphene anti-static The lining not only has anti-static function, but also can store heat and generate heat. 4. The whole body is filled with goose down, which has super high fluffiness and warmth, making the whole dress lighter, 0-feel and 0-pressure, and comfortable to wear.

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