Men's morning gray mid-length thick cotton coat


Color: Morning Gray

Morning Gray
Light Tan

Size: S

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1. High-quality three-proof breathable power bank cotton clothing 2. The fabric adopts a small grid mechanism with clear texture; Teflon three-proof finishing: The fabric adopts special lotus leaf bionic technology, which can effectively resist water, oily stains and most liquids in daily life and drinks, solving embarrassing scenes in daily life; 3 composite 3K3K film, with good moisture permeability function; 3. Using the black technology of power bank instant heating, with built-in heating function, when traveling outdoors, just connect the power bank and it will be ready within a few minutes It can be heated naturally and quickly, and can be used again after washing. 4. The inner filling is made of 200g composite energy-containing cotton, which has ultra-high fluffiness, rich hand feel and warmth. 5. Simple and elegant fashion appearance, combined with three-proof moisture-permeable and power bank Heating function, suitable for high-quality people to wear

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